Marketing Villas Ltd



Marketing Villas Ltd, using the latest database technology, distributes comprehensive information and visuals of its client villas through a diverse range of channels including:

  • 300+ worldwide industry specific partners, travel agents including online travel agents and tour operators
  • 50,000+ database of villa clients, industry professionals and market trendsetters
  • PR through commercial media TV, video, print magazines, online media and editorials (See some of our media coverage)
  • Our own network of portals including Elite Havens, Marketing Villas and The Villa Guide
  • Professional trade show attendance
  • The internet, particularly search engine optimisation of each villa’s dedicated website.

Marketing Villas Ltd has developed its own channel management software to synchronise availability, rates and content across a wide range of villa and travel related outlets including AirBnB, FlipKey and Our marketing team constantly explores new strategies, trends, opportunities and solutions to enhance the exposure of our catalogue of villas.

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